Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The meta-blogsphere.

One thing I've been noticing of late is the cycling of the topics in the blogosphere. Over the course of several days, if one has enough rss feeds, you can see a topic building, being talked about and then fading. No solutions, or very rarely a solution, just discussion that washes a topic up on the beach where it is left to dry out and go pale in the sun.

I shouldn't really find it odd though. The blogosphere, I don't think, was ever intended as a method of producing solutions, merely a place for topics to be chewed over and maybe have a few new people made aware of them. At the moment, being a holiday season, there are very few things making waves, the only thing I can see bouncing about at the moment is the shooting of the US congress woman Gabrielle Giffords and even that isn't making huge waves in the science/skeptically leaning blogs.

I do rather wish I could recall examples from last year, some of which I consciously picked as topics at the time. Perchance I'll be a little better at recording them this year. It does make interesting watching. And reinforces a sense of place as to where one sits in the flow of opinion. For me, I've got an odd little corner place with views onto the conversations around biology and science in general, with skeptical, science, atheist and craft conversations flowing around that.


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