Wednesday, December 22, 2010

So, I've noticed...

that when my work consists of someone saying "go away and research this for me", it's a lot easier to blog/write, than when work consists of saying "we have this, this and this to do". And it's not just a matter of time. I find that when one is undertaking research, the mind wanders more when you're trying to construct a narrative around what you've found. I'd go as far to say that it's beneficial for the final product, as if a certain amount of mental delinquency in necessary. On the other hand, when I have a set of structured tasks laid out in front of me, the delinquency still occurs, it's just flatter, in the sense that the compulsion to express an opinion is ... gone. It provides short breaks from the tasks, which probably help the brain concentrate a little but in general it feels like it contributes towards the final product less. As to why this is, I can't really say.

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