Wednesday, November 3, 2010

mmmmm bacon.....

I am beginning to suspect that it is significantly easier to write about things that annoy me. If I had to guess I'd say this would be because I care. Obviously, if I didn't care, I wouldn't be annoyed by them. There are however, things that I care about that I don't get particularly annoyed by. Again, guessing here, but I'm thinking that it's because no one is trashing those things at the moment. So I figured I should try putting something up once a week about things that I like. Where to start then? I figure I'll start with my 3 descriptors. One piece each week on each of them. One on a piece of science, one on some form of baking/cooking and one on some form of alcohol.

The first piece we have on rotation then is cooking. Or maybe it's more preserving. In particular, bacon. There's a chap called Nigel down in the Hawkes Bay somewhere. I go through phases of reading his blog curious kai, but I've just added it to my rss feeds so I'll be a little more regular in catching them. The method for making bacon works spectacularly. I changed it slightly when doing mine, unrolling a piece of rolled pork loin I got from the Westmere Butchery (pretty much Auckland's best butchery as far as I'm concerned). The couple of time's I've used the maple syrup recipe,
1/2 cup of salt
1/2 cup of maple syrup
1/2 cup of brown sugar
mix them all, rub them into the pork and let it sit for a week or so, turning it over every couple of days, taking it out of the resulting liquid, letting it sit for a day then smoking it with apple wood chips on the barbecue. turns out rather spectacular it does. Mine is a tad salty (but still scrummy) I think, but that'll be because I've only been using a kilo of meat where Nigel's pieces of pork belly look significantly larger than that.

I'll admit, it's not actually cheaper than buying bacon. It is however, a lot more fun. And given that it takes a while and doesn't involve yeast or or random bacteria, it might be a good candidate to accompany the whole day activity that making cheese becomes. The point being, find yourself a spare day and try it. Having planned at least a week in advance.

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