Thursday, October 7, 2010

Breast Cancer

Apparently it's breast cancer awareness month again. Facebook profile pictures started turning pink along with the message that it was to raise awareness of breast cancer. Fair enough, nothing against that, it's visible (I noticed it) and it passes along the message.

Then comes the "I like it" campaign. As far as I can tell, no one knows who started it, I don't particularly care. Apparently it's meant to get women to post, on facebook, where they like to put their purse. the theory being that men being men will think about rude things which will then get them thinking about breasts and eventually, about breast cancer. Which is just ... dumb. Speaking as a web literate male, the first time I saw it, I got as far as the first step, thinking rude things. Second time I saw it, I went, aha, that's someone trying to be clever and start a meme of some sort. Fifth time I saw it, I went meh, whatever, it's not saying anything. A bit quicker maybe, but pretty much the same chain of reasoning that I went down with the "All your base are belong to us" meme years ago. That's cool, oh, it's someone trying to be cool, whatever.

If it's a meme for a meme's sake, yeah, there's a bit of humour, that can be nice. If you're trying to start a meme to get a message across and it has to be continually explained, through 2 or 3 more steps of reasoning, reasoning that there is pretty much no way anyone would arrive at without having explained, then it fails completely in what it set out to do.

You've just written a whole post about it some might argue, thus raising awareness. Look back, this post is about pointless badly constructed ways of getting your message across. Not about breast cancer. Which is only drawing attention away from the cause that the original message was created to draw attention to. Which is ... dumb

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