Friday, September 24, 2010


bah. every time I try to write I start with a nice simple idea which I try to generalize a bit that ends up full of caveats and being incredibly general.

For example. I'm thinking about science communication. I try to start exploring the fact that there isn't, as far as I can see, much in the way of science communication aimed at the population in general. There's a bit, slowly increasing that is aimed at teenagers, which is good, but to the general population, there is bugger all.

Fine, I say to myself, I shall expand on that a little. Why should there be such communication I ask myself? Well, for one, we might get slightly fewer god awful stories in the media that leave huge bits of the story out or completely misrepresent the statistics. Which would be nice. Pretty soon though, I realize that while this is something that I think is important, others might not think so. So I rattle off into an exposition about why I should be pushing a view that I think it is important on others. And this pretty soon leads me miles away from what I think I was wanting to write in the first place. By this time of course, I can't quite remember what it was that I was wanting to write and i end up chucking it all in the bin.

At some point in time, I am going to learn how to figure out not to worry about worrying whether I have a right to push my views on others. It's a silly thing to contemplate, especially in a forum like this. I'm not forcing anyone to read this. This is nothing more than an layout out of my views on various matters. I think they're right. Or at least, can be justified. And I'm quite happy to point out the problems in my own thinking. One day, someone might read this and enlighten me as to solutions to these problems. Or not.

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