Sunday, September 12, 2010


I think these first few posts are going to questions. Not big, deep and meaningful questions. Little questions, a lot of them food based at the moment. Like, "what happens, chemically, when I put salt on the curds during the cheese making process?" Or, "how does each step of the mixing process contribute to the final baked cake?"

I find more of these questions being asked in my head these days. And it brings home the fact that I don't have the means to answer all of the questions I want to ask. My knowledge of chemistry is sadly lacking. I have the basics, but not the means with to test any surmise that I might come up with. The writing, helps, but I have languished in my learning for so long, focuses only on one field, biology.

There is so much to learn. So little time. And I get tired and distracted so easily. Time that could spent going over basic maths or chemistry or reading important works is wasted with napping and watching amusing yet pointless television shows.


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