Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The finished cleaver.

Finally got to go through the tempering process and finish my first blade today. It's the fairly medieval looking cleaver. I deliberately left in a lot of the hammer marks and scaling, I thought it looked better. Now it just needs the wooden handle (which I'm hoping to get Dad to do) and a chopping block on which I can use it.

It's sufficiently heavy that if you let it drop from about 3 or four centimeters, it leaves a fairly large-ish dent in a chopping board.
That's as it should be though. As far as I can ascertain, a cleaver should rely on its weight rather than its blade to do the cutting. Cleavers in the western tradition at least.

The heat treating is an interesting process, as was noted today, one of those processes that makes you wonder how on earth someone thought it up. heat up, cool, heat slowly from the back of the blade, then cool again. Large amounts of fun though. Hanging out for when Jon or I can afford the belts for the linisher so that I can finish polishing off the blade and put that through the tempering process.

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