Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ad nauseum...

I don't know how many times I've read this article. Not this particular one. This one in general. the one that says you have to write to be successful. The trouble with it is that I completely agree. I just don't. That's even what the two or three blogs that I've set up over the years have technically been for, so that I can practice writing. And then I don't.

I'll admit, there's a couple of things recently that have got me wanting to write a bit more. Cooking for geeks for one. The whole thinking about food scientifically, thinking about the reactions between ingredients, what happens when heat is applied or taken away. That sort of thing. I still don't though.

The writing that I have been doing of late, has been for study. Handwriting, in books. Primarily, I think, because the exams have to be handwritten and I need my hands to be able to cope with it. It is quite therapeutic, I must say. It's helped my retention significantly I think. And it makes one feel as if one were actually doing something. Maybe because I am.

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